AXO Nickel Junior Pants

Part No: #MX3T0004

PRICE: €  79.60


Inspired by WORLD CHAMPION input the all new 2011 NICKEL PANT includes features and construction once reserved for only the most expensive pants. Materials and fitment have been optimized to allow the new NICKEL to fit better, last longer and weigh less than ever before. By combining 600 denier Nylon thigh panels with punched Nylon blended thigh and crotch panels the “shell” of the NICKEL is comfortable and supportive. Unique stretch panels wrap the upper thigh and waist as well as the inner thigh allowing a fully flexible upper and lower panel design. AXO’s own slip fitting knee and thigh pattern suspends the thigh from the knee allowing the knee panel to operate independent from the leg of the pant. This pattern reduces the tendency of the pant to pull at the waist. The “Slip Fit” pattern and design is also used on the rear saddle of the pant. The Slip Fit and the unique side waist adjustment tabs hold the waist of the pant secure. A vented thigh TPR panel allows cooling air to circulate up the “Slip Fit” and exit through the venting. Genuine Leather is utilized on the inner knee panels. Leather is used for its heat reducing capabilities and its resistance to wear and abrasion. 1000 Denier Cordura® is layered over the rear of the pant which resists pilling, snags and grips well with modern MX seats. An endless cuff is featured on the bottom which is slimmer and thinner than a cuff so the sung fit of a boot will not cause discomfort. Up top the closure duties are taken care by using a molded TPR zipper cover and super strength Poly zipper cut a bit longer to help with putting on the pants. A large knee to calf stretch panel adds comfort and stretch to the calf reducing chafing. A smooth tricot liner stops at the knee so as not to interfere with braces and cups. Completely machine washable.



  • Used by World, National and WORCS Champions.
  • Heavy duty Nylons, genuine Leather inner knee and triple stitching.
  • AXO “Slip Fit” knee and rear saddle pattern.
  • Perforated, vented and articulated for comfort.
  • Fade resistant sublimations and coloring.
  • Multiple stretch and flex panels.
  • Machine washable.
  • Size 40
  • Colour Orange


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