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Vitamins for your motorcycle

Additives are vitamins for the engine. It won't work without them. They ensure cleaning and corrosion protection, for stable lubrication and temperature resistance. Even simple mineral motor oils, which no longer come close to meeting the requirements of today's motors, are up to 15% additives. Modern oils, such as fully synthetic motor oils, are even up to 30%. What you may not already know is every time you fuel your motorcycle, you add additives. For modern fuels are packed with additives, in order to increase the knock resistance of petrol, for example.

With LIQUI MOLY additives you protect your motor, reduce your fuel consumption and save cash. Our oil additives clean the motor from the inside, minimize friction and wear, reduce oil consumption and protect against corrosion. They are suitable for both petrol and diesel motors and help to recreate the original performance of your motorcycle's engine. Our fuel additives for petrol motorcycle engines keep the entire fuel system clean and guarantee optimum combustion and compression.

All of our additives have a common benefit: They help to clean and care for the entire motor and fuel system. And they help increase the life span of the motor and reduce fuel consumption. This means the use of additives not only benefits your wallet, but also the environment.

Motorbike 4T Bike-Additive
Part No: 1581

PRICE: €5.00

Motorbike Fuel Stabilizer
Part No: 3041

PRICE: €7.00